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Luther in Eisleben

“Mein Vaterland war Eisleben”

Die Lutherstadt Eisleben ist die Geburts- und Sterbestadt des großen Reformators Martin Luther.

The Congregation of St. Andreas / St. Petrus and Paulus / St. Nicolai

We welcome you in the historic town of Lutherstadt Eisleben and to our churches! Our congregation serves as the steward of two important historic buildings. Sts. Petrus and Paulus, the church on the other side of town that you might have visited already, is the place where Martin Luther was baptized one day after his birth. St. Andreas, the church in which you are now, is the place where Luther preached his last sermons and where the first of several funerals services was held after his death. We are proud of our heritage and strive to preserve it for our congregation and for tourists like you for many decades and centuries to come. But our congregation is not just about preserving historic buildings although this task demands many of our efforts and most of our finances. We are a living modern congregation in which the word of God is preached and from which the Good News is spread throughout this town where only 10% of the population is Christian and where many of our younger members are still ridiculed at school for believing in God and belonging to a Christian congregation. We are blessed to have an abundance of active volunteers who make this congregation an inviting place for members, tourists, and unchurched people alike. Our music program provides us with wonderful organ music at every worship service. We also have a church choir, a small brass group, and a recorder choir who play occasionally. There are two groups for children learning about the faith and a confirmation group taught by a pastor and several youth volunteers. The women of the congregation meet in several conversation groups and one large breakfast group once a month. Our very active youth program features a weekly youth group of about 25 members, a Christian rock band, and about 15 youth volunteers reaching out to kids their age. 40 volunteers keep our churches open in the summer so that tourists may see these historic buildings or can simply come in and be in the presence of the divine. The work of this congregation and its volunteers bears visible fruit. The number of baptisms, the majority of which are adult baptisms, is currently equal to the number of funerals so that our congregation is slowly moving against the Germany-wide trend of shrinking numbers. We have been able to begin some building activity on the bell tower of St. Petrus and Paulus and on the west towers of this church. The actual effect of our ministry here in Lutherstadt Eisleben can of course not be measured. Please, pray for this congregation that we may grow in numbers and in faith as we praise and serve God in this historic place and in this time of history.